DZ Truck Driving Programme

(This Program is a Non-Vocational Program).

Are you looking to become a DZ Truck Driver? Look no further, Canadian Truck Training Centre Inc. is one of the most respected names in the industry, with a history of superior education, exceptional certified professionals, and successful graduates. Because our driving courses are facilitated on-site and provide far more hands-on experience with the equipment, our graduates are better prepared for career opportunities.

Be 18 years of age, must hold valid Ontario Class "G" license or higher. Complete MTO Medical forms by family doctor (Pickup forms at our school or MTO Office). You will need to provide forms when you write your beginners test and are mandatory or you will not be eligible to write your test. Do not write the ‘Z’ endorsement (Air Brake) portion of the test at that time as we provide this course as part of your training. You may purchase the book from our office in order to pass the written test.

The graduate of the programme will learn the skills required to become an entry-level truck driver. Persons with an Ontario Class DZ license are licensed to drive any DZ purpose vehicle, as well as any vehicle that requires the driver to have a Class DZ, E or F license.

The programme prepares individuals whose career path is geared towards operating DZ trucks. Many industrial establishments, municipalities and volunteer fire departments require Class DZ License as a minimum standard. The graduate will know the laws and regulations governing the trucking industries and the role and responsibilities of the truck driver. The practical component of the course will prepare an individual to pass the Ministry of Transportation Road Test and the Air Brake Endorsement (Z).

Driver & Shipper Responsibilities, Loading & Securing loads, Understanding the Dangerous Goods handbook and its use, Weight and size regulations. Training in Yard: Complete a daily log book, Loading & Uploading precautions, Vehicle inspections which includes identifying key components and system that part of the pre & post trip inspections, Practice technical driving manoeuvres, such as; shifting, backing, turning & braking, Demonstrating the ability to manoeuvres the truck in a variety of space, traffic, daylight & weather conditions. Maintain a daily log book.

Admission Requirements 

  • ​Valid Ontario Class ‘G’ License or higher
  • Grade 10 English or Equivalent
  • ​Knowledge verification of Rules of the Road and Signs.
  • MTO approved Medical Form completed
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